Lawmakers split over 2020 election audit in Pennsylvania

By Christen Smith | The Center Square, June 5, 2021 (The Center Square) – Key lawmakers in charge of potential election reforms in Pennsylvania appear split on whether a third-party audit of the state’s November election results will occur. This, after former President Donald Trump called state GOP leaders out by name – including Senate PresidentContinue reading “Lawmakers split over 2020 election audit in Pennsylvania”

Pennsylvania House bill takes aim at private election grants

By Christen Smith | The Center Square 14 hrs ago (The Center Square) – In 2020, the Center for Tech and Civic Life granted $15 million to a few select counties in Pennsylvania to assist in election administration amid the pandemic. But for some lawmakers, the nonprofit – flush from a $250 million donation from Facebook CEO MarkContinue reading “Pennsylvania House bill takes aim at private election grants”