Prophetic Words

Words Regarding Prophetic Standards Statement Signers

About a month ago in prayer,  I heard the words “Mordecai” “They came against Mordecai”

Mordecai? Who came against Mordecai? I wondered what the phrase meant.  I knew  Mordecai exposed a deadly plot against a Persian king.  So to come against someone who exposed the nation’s traitors seemed to be pretty serious. It means they are traitors too, they aren’t loyal to the king either. 

 Any way some time later during the following week in prayer, I heard they signed a petition they signed a petition, they signed it. He seemed to be rather disturbed about it. I said, Ok Lord, I need to know if you are speaking to me, Or something else, Because I don’t know anything about a petition and who signed. After I finished praying, I turned on YouTube and the 11th Hour was on with Robin Bullock. He said, a group of pastors have signed a petition against God’s prophets. I felt relieved yes, God is indeed speaking to me.  At that moment I learned several pastors had signed a petition called the prophetic standards, in an open rebuke to the prophets who prophesied Donald Trump would be re-elected in 2020. Does this relate to the Mordecai words the Lord spoke to me I wondered?

The Mordecai Connection

Several prophets prophesied Donald Trump would be re-elected and return to the Whitehouse to prevent a planned overthrow of the United States. However, that did not occur and has caused much consternation among those who believed the prophets.  The composers and signers of the Prophetic Standards Statement believe they needed to do some kind of damage control for the sake of the gospel.  But in fact they did more damage because now God’s enemies are gloating and mocking Christianity, the current prophetic movement and the gift of prophecy. They are also mocking the Prophetic Standards Document.

It seems similar to what happened, when David sinned with Bathesheba, Nathan the prophet said David’s deeds gave God’s enemies an opportunity  to rail against Him.

2 Samuel 12:14  However, because by this deed you have given great occasion to the enemies of the LORD to blaspheme, the child also who is born to you shall surely die.”

Opposing God

Clearly the creation and signing of this documents was not of God.They did not consult God but themselves.  Over 400 preachers have signed the document. One of the signers said the prophets and their prophecies bring the church into dispute and weakens its standing with the world. Another said, prophecy is getting a bad name and bringing reproach on God’s name. Another said, He used to work in secular media, and wondered what they thought about the whole thing. By these statements it appears they thought they were doing damage control for God. They thought this was a means of Evangelism. However, people are not saved by petitions.  God draws people to himself not petitions. Jesus said in, John 12:32  And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.”

Words Received from God on April 30, 2021

My end days are not now, My end days are not now, My end days are not now (Satan has tried to change times and seasons (Daniel 7:25) to bring about end time tribulation) But God said He controls the seasons! Now is not the time….too many souls would be lost!

I control the end days

I Am the One who rules and the One who Reigns

I control the Leash

No More Lock Downs

Lies Lies Lies

No More Lies

Lies Lies Lies, I shall show it ,They shall see

Ruse Ruse Ruse

End the Ruse

The Ruse has Ended, The Ruse Has Ended, The Ruse Has Ended

All we see and All will know

Shine Shine Shine

They shall see and know

I Am the One who will loosen my people

The souls, the souls I see the Souls (He is very grieved about the condition of Souls at this time-…crying)

I will loosen my people

They shall loosen my people

My people, my people, need me

My people need a Savior

They shall say look at My Savior


They fought against Mordecai

Words last month:

Pray that God will order the steps of the Military

Pray for the Military

Nations, Seas, Souls

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