Dreams & Visions

Here is a Prophetic Word I received during the month of May.

They tried to malign the christians I said Oh no, no you will not.  They will not visit my people with shame they will not destroy them.

She lied and framed my people. She deceived them. She said, she needed a delusion to go to the people something to go to the people with so they decided to send disdain to the people.  Don’t believe them, they deceive, they sent this to bring delusions to break down the people, to crush their minds.

Don’t go to the disdain, don’t believe the disdain, don’t be angry, don’t listen to them, they deceive, this is to bruise the morale of the people. Don’t listen to them they get down on you to bruise you. They did it to bane your days.(Bane means a source of harm or ruin-curse a person or thing that causes misery or distress-something that causes death or destruction.)

No more Seething Anger- No more loathing, No more angry rebuttals. Don’t do this you people, go away from them. Bruise not yourselves don’t go to these people they are dangerous they are evil they have no morals. Don’t listen to them my people my bride  go away from them, you don’t need them. You don’t need their money. You don’t need them, you don’t need to go to them.

Kingdoms come and kingdoms go one thing you must know I am in control of the show. Don’t be entwined with this vain of deception I allowed this for a reason and soon you will see I am in control my children don’t worry, don’t fear, don’t faint.

I told you before this was a wake up call.  My children have got to know how to rule-they cannot sit idly by and be entertained they are killing themselves with entertainment they are idle. I made you kings and priest with ruling authority I gave you dominion and power over the enemy yet you act weak and useless.Get up and fight for your lives, fight for your children fight for your homes. Reason no more, be who I created you to be but you can’t be it apart from me.

6ft away was symbolic of your distance from me come back to me.

You want freedom align yourself with the one that’s free. Shout with a voice of triumph make yourself glad in me. Wont I make a way, won’t I be a shield won’t I be everything you need cease the foolishness turn back around to me this causes darkness to flee.  This is a season to trust in God, a season of lifting up your brothers, a season of loving others more than yourself. 

Visit the people with kindness. Kindness is the way to get to the people. Kindness honors me. I am kind to ALL. I am not angry. I am not an angry God. I am kind, I love kindness, kindness is the way to get to the people. No more angry rebuttals.

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