Got Faith?

The “Just” shall live by faith (Hebrews 10:38). But what is faith? Harper’s Bible Dictionary says faith is: “An act or state of acknowledging the existence and power of a supreme being and the reality of a divine order. “The acceptance as real or true, that which is not supported by evidence of the senses or byContinue reading “Got Faith?”

Blasphemy and the Atheist

Scripture says, all sins are forgivable but one. Do you know which one? Just in case you don’t know it is the sin of Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, even if you blaspheme His name it will be forgiven but if you blaspheme the Holy Spirit it will not be forgiven. So, whatContinue reading “Blasphemy and the Atheist”

Let God Fight Your Battles

John F. Craghan, author of Psalms for All Seasons says, “fidelity to God means deliverance from any and all forms of distress.  Notice Craghan says, this benefit belongs to those who are in a state of “fidelity.” To be a person of fidelity, means to be faithful and loyal in character. While many are faintingContinue reading “Let God Fight Your Battles”