How to Get Along with People, A Look at Psalm 23

In Psalm chapter 23, David says, the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He also says, the Lord, spreads a table before him in the presence of his enemies. Although we can trust God to supply All our needs, we must be mindful that God provides our needs through people. If you needContinue reading “How to Get Along with People, A Look at Psalm 23”

Hollywood Romance or Real Relationship?

by Leah Nichols  You know you’ve done it. You’ve dreamed about a dashing romantic hero who will sweep you off your feet and take you away from the dullness of everyday life. Far away from the boredom of the mundane, you will delight in the continuous excitement of true love! ‘Course, there are many, many waysContinue reading “Hollywood Romance or Real Relationship?”

Confessions of a Dead Workaholic

by Matthew Eldridge   I hesitantly knocked on Frankie’s door. After all, he was pretty much a stranger. We lived next door to each other in an apartment building and casually exchanged head nods and “hellos” with each passing. He seemed to be a nice man, always commenting on how precious he thought my baby daughter was.Continue reading “Confessions of a Dead Workaholic”

Why Everyone Suffers Rejection

by Nellie Shani   I was not surprised when he walked into my office. “Typical case”, I thought to myself. At five feet, we were almost the same height as I sat on my high chair. Bad case of acne, ears that stand out, buck-toothed. I smiled and extended my hand. An hour later he was goneContinue reading “Why Everyone Suffers Rejection”

Word of Encouragement: Counselors Corner: 12 Keys to a Healthy, Godly Marriage

by stephanie reck   Many of you may be like me, and did not have proper role models growing up for marriage. When I got married, I brought a lot of “baggage” into the relationship. I had absolutely no idea how to have a healthy, Godly marriage, but it is amazing how the Lord has instructed me.Continue reading “Word of Encouragement: Counselors Corner: 12 Keys to a Healthy, Godly Marriage”

The Worst Thing You Can Do When Your Heart is Broken

by Greg Baker   You either are hurt or will have your heart broken eventually. This is the price of love. Yet when it happens to you the absolute worst thing you can do is wall yourself off from people. Here’s the thing; it will always be a person or a group of people that hurt you.Continue reading “The Worst Thing You Can Do When Your Heart is Broken”

What Determines How People Perceive Your Personality?

by Greg Baker   Have you ever been misunderstood, taken the wrong way, or categorized and stereotyped incorrectly? Find out why this happens and what you can do to be perceived correctly by those around you. WORDS DEFINE YOUR PERSONALITY Essentially, you define yourself to those around you by the words you use. People do judge youContinue reading “What Determines How People Perceive Your Personality?”

Grace vs the Anger of Politics

by Stephen Kimball   As a Christian, I have been struggling with my own response to all that is going on in the country right now. I confess, I can get riled up in a “New York minute”, as they say, watching practically any news media. Politics couldn’t be more polarizing and it’s hard not to getContinue reading “Grace vs the Anger of Politics”

Knowing the End from the Beginning…Baddies Always Lose, Goodies Always Win!

by Georgina Tennant   My son hates anything sad or scary, even on television. Through movie afternoons, we keep asking him, “Who wins in the end?” eliciting the much-rehearsed reply, “Baddies always lose, goodies always win.” Watching Cinderella, one Sunday afternoon, his usual panic set in. The initial beauty of the film faded into the darker scenesContinue reading “Knowing the End from the Beginning…Baddies Always Lose, Goodies Always Win!”

It’s Not Just Entertainment

by Anthony Weber   As the Traverse City Film Festival approaches, anyone going to downtown Traverse City will inevitably see one or twenty posters with this year’s slogan: “One Great Movie Can Change You.” I completely agree. This is not a new insight, of course. People have recognized the power of entertainment for thousands of years. However,Continue reading “It’s Not Just Entertainment”

How Men Can Manage Their Fears, Depression, OCD, And Other Stresses

by Stan Popovich   Some men may experience those times when their fears, anxieties, and depression are stronger than what they can handle. There are times that no matter what they do, their fears have the best of them. As a result, here is a brief list of techniques that a man can use to help manageContinue reading “How Men Can Manage Their Fears, Depression, OCD, And Other Stresses”

Parenting The Strong Willed Child

by Antje Hill   So you have a strong willed child on your hands! That personality that makes you want to scream at times, may be the very characteristic that makes him fight against all odds in the adult world. It could be that this little person within the sound of your voice has a noble callingContinue reading “Parenting The Strong Willed Child”

Teaching Good Things While Aging-Encouragement for Older Women

by DEBORAH OSINIBI   Older women are great treasures to the body of Christ, these are women who have lots of experience, some of them have experienced challenging marriages, raising difficult children, health issues etc. Even though we may have the uprising of young women on the platform of preaching, yet, I still believe we need theContinue reading “Teaching Good Things While Aging-Encouragement for Older Women”

Parents choosing new forms of education in uncertain school year

By Scott McClallen | The Center Square July 29, 2020 (The Center Square) – Several reports and national surveys indicate that private and charter schools provided more meaningful educational services during state shutdowns than public schools did, and more parents are choosing nontraditional educational options this fall. A nationally representative survey conducted by Education Next found that whileContinue reading “Parents choosing new forms of education in uncertain school year”

Breaking Free From Addiction

by stephanie reck   Addictions come in many forms, such as, alcohol, drugs, food, sex, gambling, and pornography. Addiction happens when we have a compulsive, repetitive desire for a certain thing and we act on the impulse. Nothing else will do until the craving we are after is fulfilled. Have you ever noticed how people go toContinue reading “Breaking Free From Addiction”

Surviving the Marathon of Motherhood

by Amanda Williams   Get your running shoes on ladies! The marathon of motherhood is here and survival is the name of the game! What is a marathon anyway? One dictionary defines a marathon as “a contest of endurance” ( Another definition, my personal favorite, states a marathon is “a main event of the manifestation for theContinue reading “Surviving the Marathon of Motherhood”

Setting Boundaries With Your Difficult Adult Child Who Has A Mental Illness

by Karla Downing   Are you wondering how to set boundaries with your difficult adult child who has a mental illness? It is hard to have adult children that make poor choices that cause problems in their lives and in their parents’ lives; it is even more difficult to have adult children who have mental illnesses thatContinue reading “Setting Boundaries With Your Difficult Adult Child Who Has A Mental Illness”