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By S.E. Miller

In her Book Stepping Stones Reflections for Singles Volume One, Author Jeri Darby shares true stories about her journey as a single Christian woman.

Today’s single woman is savvy, sophisticated and educated. She needs encouragement and support in order to successfully live a single lifestyle that honors a holy God.

How does an attractive woman live an abstinent lifestyle in today’s sexualized world?  Jeri let us know that it may not be easy but it’s possible!

How does a beautiful woman of God get out of a dead-end relationship? What happens if she doesn’t? Jeri shares a story about a woman who died while waiting for the man she loved to love her back. She died while waiting for the abusive relationship to change. How long did she wait? Twenty Years.

She waited and waited, but it never happened. Jeri says, He never returned the love she desperately searched for but somehow he had a revolving door in her life, for twenty years! “When he left her for various reasons, she pleaded for his return.”

Jeri encourages women to close the revolving door and enjoy their lives before it’s too late.

Jeri also reminds women who are tired of waiting for a husband not to marry for the sake of marrying. She tells the story of a friend who radiated joy with a bubbly humorous personality. But after getting married she radiated doom and gloom. With sadness in her voice she told Jeri getting married was a mistake as the man she married was an alcoholic.  

Perhaps, learning to be content in whatever situation we find ourselves and trusting God given warning signs will keep us from marrying the wrong person.

It’s great when authors share their own stories, and this author does just that. In Stepping Stones Reflections for Singles Volume One, Jeri shares her own story, noting how she ignored clear warning signs a few times in her life.  

She briefly discusses how she spent ten years in a bad relationship plagued with drugs, disaster and disappointment. Yet when she called on God for help, he rescued her.

He will rescue you too if you ask him. That’s the good news weaved throughout the book.  God will rescue you from a bad relationship if you ask him!

God will never turn his back on you even if you ignored the warning signs and married the wrong person. Be encouraged your help is nigh!

You may experience pain and loss or other temporary setbacks but God will rescue you and restore you if you call on him.

Remember the warning signs are given to save you from pain and hardship!

This book is filled with true stories that will help single women avoid painful experiences if they heed the call to learn from the women who’ve gone before them.

Please feel free to pick up a copy for yourself on Amazon or order an autographed copy at

Jeri Darby is an author, speaker and writing coach. She is the author of four books. She also has over 25 years of mental health nursing experience. Her speaking covers topics on self-esteem, writing, addictions, communication, stress management, and inspiration for caregivers and others. Jeri hosts a Facebook Vlog on Mondays encouraging God’s seasoned people to regroup and get back in the race.

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