A Dependable Moral Code

by Mark Nickles   Years ago, during college, I drove a delivery truck for a bookstore. It was an old box-style vehicle, with no power breaks. I had to be very intentional about “mashing” down on the break peddle at stoplights and in traffic jams, for fear of rolling forward. I knew I wasn’t paying enough attentionContinue reading “A Dependable Moral Code”

Counselor’s Corner: How Not to Stop When Life Gets Rough

by stephanie reck  Life can be hard sometimes, and there are those times that life can throw us devastating blows. I know how easy it is to want to quit and pull the covers over my head when life gets rough-I have done this more than I would have liked to. There were times in myContinue reading “Counselor’s Corner: How Not to Stop When Life Gets Rough”

Counselor’s Corner: Accepting What You Cannot Change

by stephanie reck   We can prevent a lot of frustration, disappointment, and stress by letting go of what we cannot control. I want certain people in my life to be different, and for many years I tried unsuccessfully to change them. I thought they needed my help to change, so I gave everything to try andContinue reading “Counselor’s Corner: Accepting What You Cannot Change”

Church Life What’s Under Your Hood?

by J Patrick Bowman   Ladies, you’ve heard the admonition accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! The advertisers and merchants cry out for your attention to their latest bags, purses, shoes, jewelry, nail wraps, hairpieces, hair colors, fake tattoos, real tattoos, completely redesigned body parts and it’s sad to say in the day we live,  they call out to menContinue reading “Church Life What’s Under Your Hood?”

Counselor’s Corner: Be Intentional About Focusing on What is Lovely, Praiseworthy, and a Good Report

by stephanie reck  5/ 3/21 / Christian Living Perhaps you’re not like me and don’t have any trouble with negative thoughts, I, however, struggle more often than I would like to with “stinkin’ thinkin.” Many times, I wake up to a battle going on in my mind, a battle of me thinking thoughts of defeat and discouragement.Continue reading “Counselor’s Corner: Be Intentional About Focusing on What is Lovely, Praiseworthy, and a Good Report”

5 Hidden Benefits of Failure You Should Know

by Ogaga Eruteya  3/18/2020 Whether it is an exam, a business, an interview or just any other venture, failure is not something desirable. But sometimes it happens. And when it does, it comes along with valuable lessons. However, whether we will profit from failure or not, depends on how we respond. If you respond positively every time youContinue reading “5 Hidden Benefits of Failure You Should Know”

Counselor’s Corner: Get Unstuck By Making Small Daily Changes

by stephanie reck 4/14/21 Maybe you desire to see a change in your life, but because of fear, anxiety, or trauma, you have remained where you are at. Fear can keep you paralyzed from moving forward. This last year has been challenging to make any additional changes in our lives mainly due to all the unwanted changesContinue reading “Counselor’s Corner: Get Unstuck By Making Small Daily Changes”

Don’t Let Go When a Loved One is in A State of Addiction

by Jennifer Rubino Champion   For some time now, I have been angry, yes angry at someone I love because they have retreated backwards into their drug addiction. I have watched them as they physically morph back into the thin, unhealthy person they were before. They drop off the radar and never appear at church; they neverContinue reading “Don’t Let Go When a Loved One is in A State of Addiction”

Counselor’s Corner: When People Violate Your Boundaries

by stephanie reck   Personal boundaries are guidelines, rules or limits that a person creates to identify reasonable, safe and permissible ways for other people to behave towards them and how they will respond when someone passes those limits. We have all had people in our lives that have violated our boundaries, whether it’s a family memberContinue reading “Counselor’s Corner: When People Violate Your Boundaries”

Take No Offence

by Chris Gambrell   In today’s world, we seem to offend people rather easily. We’ve possibly offended or hurt someone’s feelings, whether it was intentional or not; sadly, people sometimes say and do things that are careless, blunt, insensitive or even mean-spirited. While we can’t control the intentions or behavior of others, we can determine how weContinue reading “Take No Offence”

When to Let Someone Back in Your Life that Has Hurt You

by stephanie reck   Relationships can be complicated, especially when there have been times of hurt and pain. How do you know when it may be time to reengage in a relationship that has caused you pain? In this article I will explore when you will know when it’s time to let someone back into your life,Continue reading “When to Let Someone Back in Your Life that Has Hurt You”

Gratitude, What a Way to Live!

By Anjte Hill In a day when the pressure is on to buy the latest new gadgets or products, it is tempting to look and want more. Dr. Robert Emmons, in his new book on gratitude, says by the age of twenty-one the average adult will have seen one million TV commercials. By playing onContinue reading “Gratitude, What a Way to Live!”

Why You Can Trust God Now More Than Ever

A large poplar tree gives shade to my family on hot sunny days. The tree’s shade is a result of the tree’s shadow. This gives us an idea of what David meant when he said “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most  High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.”  Psalm 91:1   A tree’s shadow/shade protectsContinue reading “Why You Can Trust God Now More Than Ever”

5 Reasons Christ Died for Us

There are at least five reasons Jesus voluntarily endured unbelievable suffering on a wooden cross for us. They are all based on His unbelievable love for people, and His desire to share His abundant life with us for eternity. Take a look at five of the benefits we freely receive . His Death Grants AdmissionContinue reading “5 Reasons Christ Died for Us”

Hollywood Romance or Real Relationship?

by Leah Nichols  You know you’ve done it. You’ve dreamed about a dashing romantic hero who will sweep you off your feet and take you away from the dullness of everyday life. Far away from the boredom of the mundane, you will delight in the continuous excitement of true love! ‘Course, there are many, many waysContinue reading “Hollywood Romance or Real Relationship?”

Confessions of a Dead Workaholic

by Matthew Eldridge   I hesitantly knocked on Frankie’s door. After all, he was pretty much a stranger. We lived next door to each other in an apartment building and casually exchanged head nods and “hellos” with each passing. He seemed to be a nice man, always commenting on how precious he thought my baby daughter was.Continue reading “Confessions of a Dead Workaholic”

Why Everyone Suffers Rejection

by Nellie Shani   I was not surprised when he walked into my office. “Typical case”, I thought to myself. At five feet, we were almost the same height as I sat on my high chair. Bad case of acne, ears that stand out, buck-toothed. I smiled and extended my hand. An hour later he was goneContinue reading “Why Everyone Suffers Rejection”