How to Get Along with People, A Look at Psalm 23

In Psalm chapter 23, David says, the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want. He also says, the Lord, spreads a table before him in the presence of his enemies.

Although we can trust God to supply All our needs, we must be mindful that God provides our needs through people.

If you need money you get it from people. If you need food, you go to a store and buy it from people. If you need a job you work for and with people. If you can’t get along with people, you will have a difficult time obtaining basic necessities.

You may as well forget about being successful in life if you can’t get along with people.

In “The Way of the Shepherd,” author Don Baker states, “If a shepherd sees sheep spread out and move away from each other, he can be reasonably sure that something, possibly, a rattler, is in the center of the circle.” And so it is with us,  when we begin to spread out and separate from each other, that ole serpent the devil is in the center of our circle.  

Baker said “The shepherd looks for signs of restlessness, fear and irritation.” If we begin to feel restless, fearful or an irritating annoyance with someone, we should pray and ask God to help us with the situation. Remembering scripture says, “As much as depends on you, live at peace with ALL men (everyone) Romans (12:18).

When we ask for help, the help will probably come in the form of self-control. You will be able to control your anger and the desire to defend yourself by hurting someone physically or verbally.

Scripture says “offense will come” but we must be willing to suffer being wronged at times and forgive the offender. If we don’t forgive we give place to the devil” (Luke 17:1 and Ephesians 4:27). To give place to the devil, means to give him room or an opportunity manipulate or control circumstances.

The serpent uses various devices to divide and separate but we are told not to be ignorant of his devices. He often uses negative comments, rejection, and outlandish lies to cause division and separation.

Satan inspires people to do those things as they often make us feel angry, resentful, hopeless or depressed.

These behaviors may separate us from the offending party, but they may also encourage us to withdraw and stay away from people who love and care for us. As no one is perfect, sometimes things are said and done without malice. The person did not intend to hurt or offend, so we must forgive, quickly, when possible.

We were created to have communion and unity with God and each other. Satan wants us to turn away from God and human relationships. Remember how he drove the man of Gadarenes into the tombs, away from his family, so he could whisper lies to him, causing him to loathe and cut himself to relieve the inner pain and turmoil he felt within. The poor man was tormented by thousands of demonic spirits yelling accusatory profanities and insults, causing him to cry out in the tombs.

After Jesus healed him He said go back to your family and show them the changes God has made in you. No longer tormented by fear, anger, regret and resentment, the man joyfully went home spreading the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ along the way.

In these last days you are going to need to live by every word of God and trust the Good Shepherd to lead you to green pastures and allow the presence of the Holy Spirit to protect you from the serpents that will try to creep in your midst.

Avoid being easily offended. Don’t be ignorant of Satan’s devices, do not allow pride, anger, and offence to destroy your family, your company, your friendships, or your destiny. 

Resist the urge to be offended. Resist the urge to think more highly of yourself than you ought to (Romans 12:3). Because many arguments and disagreements occur when we devalue the opinions of others, simply because we don’t respect their ideologies or station in life (Proverbs 12:10).

Memory verse:  Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you (James 4:7).

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