21 Inspirational Marriage Quotes

by Pastor QT Nyathi  

Here are 21 powerful marriage quotes to nourish your soul and improve the health of your marriage.

# 1. “Realize that you are intimately connected to your partner in every way and so you cannot fix your partner without fixing yourself too in the process.”

# 2. “Shame on you if you are married but are still taking instructions from your parents on how to run your home.”

# 3. “You can sleep on one bed but be miles apart.”

# 4. “Marriage is like a seesaw, it only gets exciting when both parties on either end do their part.”

# 5. “Children are not the glue of marriage, commitment is.”

# 6. “A wedding is a one-day drama, marriage is for a life-time.”

# 7. “Any investment made into your marriage is an investment into the church, the community and the nation because all three benefit immensely from a strong family.”

# 8. “Any pastor who does not have a thriving marriage ministry is not ‘pastoring’ his church, instead he is pestering it.”

# 9. “Marriage is an irrevocable life-long covenant, not a short-term revocable contract.”

# 10. “Finances fire-up a marriage by either fueling conflict or flaming the flames of passion.”

# 11. “Once you remove God from a marriage all that is left are two lost people trying to play ball in a dark room.”

# 12. “Without open, consistent, and no-holds-barred communication, marriage is mission impossible.”

# 13. “Many couples are guilty of a very serious crime that takes place under the cover of darkness; its technical name is called violating a dead body or simply sleeping with a corpse in layman’s terms. They sleep with a dead and unresponsive partner every day.”

#14. “It’s a tragedy of seismic proportions that single youths are having more sex than legally married couples.”

#15. “Have you ever posed to think of the significance of the fact that God created the family before he created the church?”

# 16. “If you’ve never kissed in front of your children, you are a pathetic picture of the marriage institution.”

# 17. “Anger is not bad as such in marriage-it’s a natural feeling that shows how deeply you care about someone.”

# 18. “A third party is only welcome into a marriage by invitation; otherwise he or she may part you.”

# 19. “A bad marriage is self-evident and cannot be kept under wraps for long before its stench draws people’s attention. So if your marriage is in trouble, don’t pretend, seek help today because people will know eventually anyway.”

# 20. “Any married man who is mama’s boy must go back to his mum and only come back to his wife when he has grown a beard.”

# 21. “Any woman who controls her own husband is a witch because witchcraft is based on manipulation.”

Since there is no marriage up yonder, enjoy yours here and now.

Pastor QT is a published author, copywriter and speaker. His sincerity, wit and candid style have endeared him to many hearts. His book DELIVERANCE UNPACKED has been warmly received globally. He conducts spicy marriage and singles seminars with his feisty wife Bonani.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERS

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