Cold Eggs Never Killed Anyone

I have taken on this season of being a stay at home mom and wife with a sense of purpose … I really do believe that this is exactly where God wants me right now.

So in that spirit , I have obeyed God with a small but never the less a calling to get up early and make my family a hot breakfast and read from the book “Jesus Calling” … I know it may not seem like a big thing but when my bed is all nice and cozy and with fall rolling in and it staying darker longer … being the first one out of bed when I don’t have a time card to punch … really does take a bit of a push … I’m not bleeding or agonizing or in any sort of pain … but it is an effort on my part.

So with this “gift” that I am giving to my family I guess I sort of imagined everyone would come running downstairs as soon as they could to get their hot breakfast I labored over and just gloat about what a wonderful wife and mother I am.

So when I noticed my husband and then my son started coming down later and later each day and it started getting to be a routine that I was serving them cold eggs … it started to get a little under my skin. Not in a big way but just in that little annoying voice that says ” it does not even matter what you do … serving them breakfast is not really any big deal ” .

So I decided to say something … but not really in a direct way but kind of a read-through-the-lines type of way … like “well you must like eating cold eggs because it seems you are just getting later and later every morning.”

Well , my timing sucked. Because for whatever ingenious reasoning I had I decided to say this the morning of my husbands birthday. Now , I did not rant or rave or make a hissy … but you know it was just the “tone” and very soon after I realized I set the tone for the day … on my husband’s birthday.

My husband is not perfect by any means, nor am I , but I can tell you one thing … he is a great man who I am proud of. He tells me I am beautiful , he supports all my decisions , he works hard , he is a dedicated and responsible man and father … I am blessed to have him.

Did I feel a little erked he did not skip down the stairs to eat my hot breakfast singing my praises … well , yes. But luckily , I have a God who allowed me to see how silly and pretty darn critical I was being … so I get up early and I make breakfast … I will continue to do so and I won’t do it for any reason other than it is my small way of giving back to God and to my family. If the eggs are cold when they come down … they will get the picture and realize if they want a hot breakfast they better come down earlier . After all , no one ever died over cold eggs and in the big scheme of things it really does not matter.

We have the power to speak life into others … I am reminded to chose my words and refrain my tongue when it does not serve a higher purpose … I certainly can not do this on my own ability but pressing into God I can. It is a small thing, I know … but the small things all really add up to big things and make our life what it is. I want to , I desire to make those small moments matter … after all my words will have more impact on my family than my eggs.

My family and I recently moved across the US from NV to CT.  This has brought about great change in our lives as well as in my own personal walk with God. I have re-discovered an old love of mine in this process - writing. I appreciate your feedback. Thanks for reading.

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