The Main Reason People Don’t Reach Their Goals

Perhaps, many of us don’t reach personal or business goals because we are double-minded. As the Apostle James noted in an often quoted scripture. ” A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” (James 1:8)

According to Thayer’s & Strong’s Greek Dictionaries, double-minded means, vacillating in opinion or purpose, divided in interest, wavering, uncertain, doubting.

Double mindedness is “Uncertainty caused by never letting a decision rest, but going over it again and again, until opportunity is lost, and nothing is done.”

Some of us are over- thinkers. We think things to death. While continuously looking at the pros and cons, we come up with more cons than pros. And what happens? Absolutely nothing!

So, opportunities and chances to advance simply fade away.

In Matthew 25:14-30, an employer gave his employees gold/talent to invest. He gave one talent to an employee, but he chose not to invest it. He buried it in the ground for safe keeping because he did not want to risk losing it.

Perhaps he was an over thinker. He researched various opportunities, talked them over with family and friends. He weighed the pros and cons but could not decide what to do because he was afraid about what could happen. So he hid the talent in the ground.

The other two employees doubled their money because they went to the marketplace and began trading immediately. They quickly weighed the pros and cons. They researched various opportunities and invested the money.

A balanced approach is needed when pursuing goals. We cannot be hasty or hesitant.

Haste may lead to loss but perhaps loss via hesitation has a more devastating effect. Because the act of hesitating may become habitual, resulting in an unstable mind-set leading to an unstable life. The consistent doubt and uncertainty may rob us of peace, confidence and a stack of missed opportunities.

Due to the Pandemic many of us have the chance to make new goals and plans for a new future.

Will we immediately invest our time and talents wisely to write books, make informational videos, start a blog or podcast, revamp a business, or reach out to care for others?

We also have the choice to be hesitant, worried about the future and burying our talents; consuming instead of producing.

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